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סיור פנורמי בפראג- PRAGUE PANORAMA TOUR
אתר מורשת עולמית אונסק"ו- UNESCO SITES
קרלובי וארי- Karlovy vary
טרזין ולידיצה- Terezín and lidice


TEREZÍN (Theresienstadt in German) is a small town located about one hour drive from Prague.

Originally constructed in 18th century as a fort system of the Austrian Monarchy. During the WWII. Nazis changed the small town into a concentration camp - ghetto. "Small Fortress" was used as a prison for political prisoners while the "Big Fortress" was changed into a ghetto in 1941. Terezín is known for its cultural life - concerts of classical music, the Opera Brundibár etc. Terezín had also a special role - as a propaganda camp.

During our tour we will see: Terezín Museum and Memorial, Reconstruction of the Dormitory, the Jewish Cemetery, the Hidden Synagogue. We will see the Propaganda movie made in Terezín in 1944. You will hear about the history, culture, everyday life in Terezín, stories of the survivors.... 

LIDICE is a village located northwest of Prague. It is built near the site of the previous village of the same name which, as part of the Nazi Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, on orders from Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler, was completely destroyed by German forces in reprisal for the assassination of Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich in the late spring of 1942.

During our tour we will visit the Park - Memorial of original Lidice village, we will walk to the Memorial of the children, and make a short visit in the Lidice Museum with impressive documentary film about Lidice.

The Tour takes about 6 hours (5 hours without Lidice - possible)

Entrances: Terezín: about 8 EUR, Lidice: about 3 EUR